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US Robotics V.92 PCI Faxmodem
US Robotics V.92 PCI Faxmodem, 56 Kbit/s, - V.92 56K ITU standard - V.90 56K ITU standard - V.34 33.6K ITU standard, - IBM compatible PC with 233 MHz Pentium processor with MMX, or equivalent, 1.69 x 4.88 x 1.88" (42.9 x 124 x 47.8 mm), 2.19 oz (62.21g), 2 x RJ-11

 SKU:   11402707
 Manufacturer:   U.S. Robotics
 Mfg. Part number:   USR5670
 Retail Price:   $20.95
 Our Price:    $15.55


Minimum system requirements
- IBM compatible PC with 233 MHz Pentium processor with MMX, or equivalent- 32 MB RAM (or as recommended by your Windows operating system)- 5 MB hard disk space- Available PCI 2.2 slot- Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/XP 64 bit/2003/2003 64 bit/Vista/Vista 64 bit operating system- Analog phone line- V.90 requires a V.90 56K ITU standard capable service provider- V.92 requires a V.92 56K ITU standard capable service provider- V.92 Call Notification feature requires Call Waiting service from your local phone company- V.92 Call Identification feature requires Call Waiting/Caller ID† services from your local phone company- CD-ROM drive

I/O ports
2 x RJ-11

Dimensions (WxDxH)
42.9 x 124 x 47.8 mm


Supported protocols
- V.92 56K ITU standard- V.90 56K ITU standard- V.34 33.6K ITU standard- Compatible with most ITU and Bell standards down to 300 bps- V.80 video conferencing support- V.42, MNP2-4 error control- V.44, V.42 bis, MNP5 data compression

Modem speed
56 Kbit/s
V.92 makes 56K flexible, USRobotics makes it affordable. USRobotics has been building the world’s best modems for over 25 years, and now we’re bringing you the latest in modem technology.

The V.92 standard gives you the features to get the most out of your home’s dial-up connection: send e-mail and attachments faster, get online quicker, and even take incoming phone calls without losing your Internet connection.

Now you can get a USRobotics 56K* PCI Faxmodem with V.92 technology for your home computer at an easily affordable price.
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