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Imation Ultrium LTO 6 Cartridge with Case
LTO-6 - 2.50 TB (Native) / 6.25 TB (Compressed) - 2775.59 ft Tape Length - 1 Pack

 SKU:   1024062482
 Manufacturer:   Imation Corp
 Mfg. Part number:   29080
 Retail Price:   $112.33
 Our Price:    $31.96


Tape size
1.265 cm

Tape length
33307.1" (846m)

Tape thickness
6.4 µm

10.54 cm

10.2 cm

2.15 cm

Compressed transfer rate
400 MB/s

Color of product

Tape type

Native capacity
2500 GB

Compressed capacity
6250 GB

Tape durability
20000 pass(es)

Tape life
30 year(s)
LTO 6 Delivers More than Twice the Compressed Capacity of Previous Generations

Imation LTO 6 tape cartridges continue the incredible capacity growth of the LTO® line, which has increased cartridge capacity by a factor of 30 since the launch of LTO 1 in 2011. LTO 6 extends the rapidly increasing transfer rates of LTO technology, which have increased by a factor of 13 – enabling an LTO 6 drive to write the equivalent of an LTO 1 cartridge every 11 minutes. Featuring 2.5TB of native storage (6.25TB of compressed storage) and data transfer rates of up to 400MB/second, Imation Ultrium LTO 6 tape cartridges deliver powerful improvements over prior generations.

Ultrium LTO 6 tape cartridges also include a partitioning functionality that enables the use of the Linear Tape File System (LTFS). LTFS provides familiar drag-and-drop capability and lets users easily see what information is stored on the tape. This feature also enables nearline applications to index data and allows for faster searches via enhanced file control and space management.

Imation LTO 6 tape cartridges feature unique innovations for improved tape performance, reliability and durability, including:

The partitioning functionality of Ultrium LTO 6 tape cartridges enables use of LTFS, which facilitates enhanced file control and space management to meet the growing storage needs of today’s capacity-intensive marketplace.

Security and Protection
Ultrium LTO 6 drives are the third generation to offer hardware-based 256-bit data encryption, providing the highest level of security without any loss of performance; WORM (Write Once Read Many) cartridges are also available.

Exceptional Performance and Quality
A proprietary servo-writing process optimizes tape tracking and helps ensure accurate read/write operations, enabling best-in-class Position Error Signal (PES) performance to minimize servo off-track errors and improve overall transfer rates. This results in servo performance that far exceeds the requirements for LTO 6, and lays the groundwork for even more advanced tape generations.

Robust Cartridge Construction
The patented corner snap keeps the leader pin in place and the cartridge tightly closed to prevent error-causing debris from entering the cartridge, thus helping to ensure that the tape flows evenly for maximum read/write capability.

The unique three-piece tape spool design distributes stress more evenly over the tape compared to two-piece spools. The cartridge construction keeps the tape flat, helping protect data across the entire tape.
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