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Tripp-Lite PDUMNV20HV Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
Tripp-Lite PDUMNV20HV, Monitored, 0U, Vertical, 200-240V, 50/60 Hz, 20A

 SKU:   1014341676
 Manufacturer:   Tripp Lite
 Mfg. Part number:   PDUMNV20HV
 Retail Price:   $561.60
 Our Price:    $304.67


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Power plug
C20 coupler

Output on PDU sticks

Dimensions (WxDxH)
1626 x 560 x 475 mm

8.5 kg

Nominal input voltage

Input frequency
50/60 Hz

Maximum current

Operating voltage

LED indicators

PDU types

Rack mounting

- 64 in. (163 cm) 0U vertical METERED PDU with local and remote current reporting
- Worldwide support for 208/240V North American and 200/230V International voltages
- 20A max capacity at 208/240V (North America) and 200/230V (Worldwide) with detachable L6-20P cordset, C20 inlet for alternate input cabling and 24 outlets (20 C13 & 4 C19)
- Reports PDU load level, input voltage and frequency over built-in network interface
- Additional support for environmental and security monitoring with ENVIROSENSE and SRSWITCH accessory options

Monitored PDU systems support real-time remote monitoring via secure web, SNMP or Telnet interface and custom notification of user-specified remote conditions via email and SNMP trap. PDU power consumption in amps is displayed locally via front panel lighted digital display and can be monitored remotely to warn of potential overloads before critical IT mains breakers become overloaded. Advanced configurations support in-rack environmental monitoring with optional ENVIROSENSE temperature / humidity probe and rack access notification for up to 4 SRSWITCH or user supplied contact-closure sensors. Supports real-time monitoring of all reported functions with support for user-specified alarm and notification thresholds. Fully compatible with PowerAlert Network Management System Software, available via FREE download from

PDUMNV20HV Monitored 64 in. / 163 cm 0U vertical rack PDU supports 20A peak capacity at 208/240V in North America and 200/230V International countries (agency de-rated to 16 amps continuous). Includes C20 inlet for use with user supplied C19 input cabling, detachable L6-20P input cord for North America use and 24 outlets (20 C13 and 4 C19). Visual and remote current monitoring tracks real time output current level. Supports 0U vertical rackmount installation with included mounting brackets. Toolless button-mount installation supported in compatible racks. Included cord retention brackets keep vital network equipment plugged in and continuously powered.

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