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Tripp-Lite PDUMH30HVNET Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
Tripp-Lite PDUMH30HVNET, 2U, Horizontal, Black, 16 x C13, 118.1" (3m), 17.5 x 12.5 x 3.5" (445 x 317.5 x 89 mm)

 SKU:   1011295580
 Manufacturer:   Tripp Lite
 Mfg. Part number:   PDUMH30HVNET
 Retail Price:   $990.00
 Our Price:    $533.06


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Tripp Lite single phase Switched PDU / Power Distribution Unit offers advanced network control and monitoring with the ability to turn on, turn off, recycle or lock-out power to each individual receptacle, monitor site electrical conditions and remotely monitor output power consumption. PowerAlert interface supports remote control and custom notification of user-specified conditions via email, secure web, SNMP, Telnet or SSH interface. Individually switched outlets can be controlled in real-time to remotely reboot unresponsive network hardware, or be custom programmed for user-defined power-up and power-down sequences to ensure proper startup of interdependent IT systems and prevent inrush-related overloads as network equipment is first energized. PDU output current consumption in amps is continuously displayed locally via visual meter and remotely via web/network interface to warn of potential overloads before critical IT mains or branch breakers trip.

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