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Fujitsu FPCCC105 Notebook Bag & Case
Fujitsu FPCCC105, Black, 41 oz (1.1623 kg), 14.3 x 1.25 x 11" (362 x 31.75 x 279.4 mm), 15.7 x 7 x 12.5" (400 x 177.8 x 317.5 mm)

 SKU:   1011236775
 Manufacturer:   Fujitsu
 Mfg. Part number:   FPCCC105
 Retail Price:   $89.00
 Our Price:    $72.81


1.1623 kg

Notebook compartment dimensions
362 x 31.75 x 279.4 mm

Mouse included

Dimensions (WxDxH)
400 x 177.8 x 317.5 mm

Color of product


A1110, A1120, A1130, A6210, A6220, A6230, AH530, AH550, B-2130, B-2131, B-2175, B-2545, B-2562, B-2566, B2610, B2620, B2630, B3010D, B3020, B3020D, B6110D, B6210, B6220, B6230, C1320D, C1320D, C1410, C2010, C2110, C2111, C2210, C2220, C2230, C2240, C2310, C2320, C2330, E2010, E4010, E4010D, E7010, E7110, E8010, E8010D, E8020, E8020D, E8410, E8420, E8420E, E8420LA, LH530, M2010, M2011, MH380, P1110, P1120, P1510, P1510D, P1610, P1620, P1630, P2110, P2120, P3010, P5010, P5010D, P5020, P5020D, P7010, P7010, P7010D, P7010D, P7010D, P7120, P7120D, P7230, P7230D, P7230P, P770, P8010, P8020, PH520, Q2010, S2010, S2020, S2020, S2110, S2210, S6010, S6110, S6120, S6120D, S6210, S6220, S6231, S6240, S6510, S6520, S7010, S7010D, S7020, S7020D, S710, S7110, S7220, S7220LA, S760, Stylistic ST4110, Stylistic ST4110P, Stylistic ST4120, Stylistic ST4120P, Stylistic ST4121, Stylistic ST4121P, Stylistic ST5010, Stylistic ST5010D, Stylistic ST5011, Stylistic ST5011D, Stylistic ST5020, Stylistic ST5020D, Stylistic ST5021, Stylistic ST5021D, Stylistic ST5022, Stylistic ST5022D, Stylistic ST5030, Stylistic ST5030D, Stylistic ST5031, Stylistic ST5031D, Stylistic ST5032, Stylistic ST5032D, Stylistic ST5111, Stylistic ST5112, Stylistic ST5112, Stylistic ST6012, T1010, T1010LA, T2010, T2020, T3010, T3010D, T4010, T4010D, T4020, T4020D, T4210, T4215, T4220, T4310, T4410, T5010, T5010A, T5010ALA, T5010W, T580, T730, T900, T900TRNS, TH700, U810, U820, UH900, V1010, V1020, V1030, V1040, V1040LA
Weighing less than 3 pounds, the Tri-Pak provides 25% more capacity than similar professional backpacks on the market today. Complementing this are eight distinct organizer compartments, including an expandable file section.

Integrated corner pockets provide quick access to cell phones or other peripherals. Leather-wrapped handle and comfortable padded, curved shoulder straps complete this stylish, ergonomically-designed pack.

Accommodates machines up to: 14.25" x 11" x 1.25"
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