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Tripp-Lite PDUMH20ATNET Switched, Metered PDU with ATS
Tripp-Lite PDUMH20ATNET Switched, Metered PDU with ATS , 1U, Black, 120V, 50/60 Hz, 120V, 2 x NEMA L5-20P

 SKU:   1010547797
 Manufacturer:   Tripp Lite
 Mfg. Part number:   PDUMH20ATNET
 Retail Price:   $865.80
 Our Price:    $454.79


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Input connection type
2 x NEMA L5-20P

Output connections
16 x NEMA 5-15/20R

Dimensions (WxDxH)
444 x 368 x 44.4 mm

5.5 kg

Package dimensions (WxDxH)
572 x 597 x 159 mm

Package weight
7.4 kg

12.2 lbs

Nominal input voltage

Input frequency
50/60 Hz

Operating voltage

Output voltage

Load capacity
2400 VA

60950/Class A/NOM/RoHS

Rack mounting

Color of product
Tripp Lite's 120V 20A metered PDU system with Automatic Transfer Switching (ATS) is a 16 outlet PDU with a digital display to indicate total PDU power consumption in amps. Outlets are sequentially turned-on at 250 millisecond intervals when the PDU is first energized from an unpowered state to prevent inrush-related equipment interaction on startup. Installed web/network monitoring card enables remote power monitoring and control. Remotely displays status of input power, load capacity, and outlet power status via secure network or web browswer interface. Offers individual outlet control to power on, off, or cycle AC output to regain control of locked-up servers and other network devices. Load ramping and shedding provides automatic power management. Supports notification and logging of input power status, event notification, output power and load conditions. Supports 1U rackmount installation in a 2 or 4 post racks. Included are 16 NEMA 5-15/20R outlets, and optional-use dual cords for auto- transfer switching (ATS) options. Each input plug supports 5-20P and L5-20P input.

Optional integrated ATS is available for use when two separately derived input power sources are available. The attached power cord serves as the primary AC input cable, while the included detachable power cord serves as the optional-use secondary AC input connection. The PDU system passes the primary input power through to connected equipment whenever line voltage and frequency levels are normal. If the primary input source goes outside of these tolerances or fails altogether, the ATS will automatically switch all PDU output to the secondary line sourced input power (when available) to maintain continuous operation of connected loads without reboots or service interruptions. Once the primary power source is restored, the PDU will automatically switch back to primary sourced input power. The dual input cabling can be configured for UPS maintenance bypass of standard UPS systems or to create a redundant dual-UPS power source for a critical, single-corded network device. Front AC input LED's show what input AC source is being utilized by the PDU.

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