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Fujifilm DVM60
Fujifilm DVM60, 60 min, 21 - 10.5 Hz

 SKU:   1012948545
 Manufacturer:   Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd
 Mfg. Part number:   15298365
 Our Price:    $1.84


Magnetic coercivity
120 kA/m

450 mT


Tape thickness
7 Ám

Tape width
6.35 mm

Tape length
2771.7" (70.4m)

Frequency range
21 - 10.5 Hz

Recording time
60 min
High-Density Digital Recording Demands High Output and High C/N Ratio Characteristics

Compared to analog recording, the high-density digital recording of the Mini DV (Digital Video) system requires a tremendous amount of signal data. The thin cobalt-vacuum-evaporated magnetic layer of FUJIFILM's Mini DVCassette tape results in high energy levels with retentivity of 450mT(4500 Gauss) and coercivity of 120kA/m(1510 Oe) for high-output digital video recording.

The DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Protective Layer Ensures Excellent Durability for Reliable Performance

The DLC protective layer was specially formulated to safeguard the high performance of the cobalt-evaporated magnetic layer. Its diamond-like resilience offers superior wear resistance and when combined with the lubricant layer presents an impenetrable barrier to moisture, allowing high output to be maintained even after repeated playback. And the low-friction coefficient of the lubricant layer provides stable tape transport under a wide range of environments.

The Low Error Rate Enhances the Precision of Recording and Playback

The high-output characteristics of the thin cobalt-evaporated magnetic layer provide a wide margin of error while the stable head-to-tape contact and ultra-smooth magnetic layer significantly reduce spacing loss for a low error rate even in the short-wavelength range.

A Unique Cassette-Case Design Safeguards this High-Performance Tape

The design of the tightly sealed cassette shell inhibits the adhesion of dust and dirt. The three-lid structure ensures opening and closing involves the minimum of movement for exceptional sealing performance, and to achieve the precision required by the Mini DV system, a reel-lock feature prevents slack developing in the tape.
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